Figure Drawing (Online)
Ages 14+

2 Hours • Thursdays 4:30-6:30 • $80 per month

Sign Up Here Learn to draw the most dynamic subject in art: the human figure.

Learning to draw the human figure is essential for all young artists. It is the foundation for so many kinds of art! This series is for serious young artists who want to study the human form and improve the fluidity and accuracy of their drawings.

Although drawing the human figure can seem intimitating, this class breaks it down into four easy steps: line, shape, value, and proportion.

We will start by learning the guidelines of human proportion. Young artists study how to simplify the human body into easy to apply shapes and learn an overview of anatomy and the human skeleton. Artists will practice approaches for observational studies of the human figure. They will explore gester drawing, as well as longer studies in value to create realistic and proportional human figures.

Prerequisite: "Drawing Fundamentals" or Prior Drawing Experience Recommended

Objective: Current Schedule:
(Online) Thursdays 4:30-6:30

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