Exploring Art

Exploring Art
Ages 6-8 (K-3)

Weekly • 90 Minutes • $80 for four weeks

Sign Up Here In "Exploring Art," kids experiment with art mediums, materials, and ideas. You can hear the excitement in this class as kids explore multiple new kinds of art each week. With a mix of guided drawing and open-ended art, kids' confidence will soar as they engage their imagination and discover all art has to offer.

We play with all kinds of art mediums and materials - from arcylic paint to watercolors, using paint brushes, spray bottles, pouring, and spin art. Many kinds of drawing materials are introduced, such as colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk, and markers. Plus, each week offers other surprises in a selection of other materials, with everything from sequins and glitter to natural objects. With all of these options, kids can turn their art into one-of-a-kind, beautiful masterpieces.

Explorers Learn:
  • - Artistic skills and craftsmanship
  • - Problem-solving, curiousity, and learning through art
  • - Pencil control and color understanding
  • - Confidence to portray what they see.
  • - Ability to translate their imagination and ideas to paper
  • - The power of self-expression
  • - And more
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