Design Your Dream House

Creativity Camp
Ages 5-11

Aug 3-7 • 12:30-3:30 • $220 + $50 Supply Fee

Sign Up Here "Design Your Dream House" is a camp like none other! This camp allows for incredible imaginative creating and play. Each child receives a large, wooden dollhouse and spends the week designing, painting, decorating, printing wallpaper, weaving carpets, creating furniture, and so much more! Campers will even design people, animals, and other small details to the houses! Both boys and girls will enjoy designing their own custom dream house!

What will your child build? A super hero lair? A house for their pets? A firestation? An underwater mermaid castle? The possibilities are ENDLESS!

$50 Supply Fee cover wood, assembly, paint, materials, accessories, clay, and much much more. Your child will be creating something they will play with for years to come!