No Ordinary Birdhouse

Spring Break Workshop
Ages 7-13

April 7 and 9 • 3:15 - 5:00 • $45 + $20 supply fee

Sign Up Here This is no ordinary art class. It's MORE. More than art. More than woodworking. More fun!

Kids in this workshop will be helped step-by-step through building their own birdhouse, using real wood and the clinking of their hammer. Then the magic begins as kids hussle to transform their houses into unique creations and designs, using paint, natural materials (twigs, acorns, pinecones, etc), other crafting materials and additional wood to add chimneys, awning, fences, windows, and more. Wood carving and wood burning tools available with teacher’s assistance. With endless options, kids can turn their house into a modern home or into a fire station or into a quaint fairy home. Creativity has no bounds - so it is sure to be no ordinary birdhouse.

Supply fee covers all supplies, equipment, and materials; however, please bring your own hammer. Email me if you do not own a hammer, and we will make sure one is provided for you.