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Children and Teen Art Classes

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Address: Majik Studios207 Coxe Ave, Studio 13. Asheville, NC 28748.

The classes are held at Majik Studios in Asheville, NC and taught by artist Julie Dugger. Class sizes are small, with a minimum of 2 students and no more than 8. Adult accompaniment is not required but parents are always welcome (the exception is in Preschool Art, where adult accompaniment is required for younger students).


Designed for the creative but serious young artist, the art classes focus on learning new art techniques and the joyful experience of creating something new. Classes may begin with technical exercises, which helps students to achieve a specific objective in their final drawing, most of the learning takes place as the result of hands-on execution. As students are guided through a process, I help them to resolve problems and move through routine issues that every artist faces during projects. Art classes offered in drawing, painting, mixed media, and more. Classes available for children, tweens, teens, and adults.

ART PROJECTS I believe art should be a reflection of the artist, a one-of-a-kind creation. Though projects are designed for each age/ability level, students are given options on what they would like to draw and are encouraged to add their own touches, colors, and ideas. Typically beginning drawing classes feature a new project and subject each week. Intermediate and teen level classes often have multi-week projects. Classes are flexible, and students are encouraged to work at their own pace.

MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES All necessary supplies and materials are supplied for all art classes. The supplies are of high quality and are capable of producing excellent results. As the materials and supplies are shared by many classes, students are expected to have respect for the tools they use.

HOW TO SIGN UP You can either sign up online at the majik-studios website,, or you can pay by check. If you have any promotional discounts, you may need to pay by check. Payment is by the month. Email me for more details

REGISTRATION AND CANCELLATION POLICY All fees must be received prior to the start date of any class or lesson. Your space will not be held until the fee is received. For class series, monthly payments should be paid at the end of the month for the next month.

When signing up for a class series, you are making a committment to be there at the listed dates. If you are unable to make it to a class and give 24 hours notice, you will be given the opporunity to join a make-up class. No refunds will be given for missed classes, unless arrangements were made prior to signing up. Please contact if you need alternative sign-up dates or payment plans.