Adventures in Painting
Ages 9-13

90 Minutes

Sign Up Here Experience the world of painting! Kids in this class will be introduced to painting mediums in acrylic and watercolors, including basic color mixing, creating texture, and how to apply paint on various painting surfaces.

Acrylic mediums produce bright, bold colors! Quick drying and waterproof, kids can paint right over their mistakes, which is appealing for both beginner and experienced painters.

Watercolors are one of the most versitile mediums with so many fun and fluid and flowing options! Watercolors are sometimes diluted and transparent rather than opaque, which means kids can continue to work with them as they layer their paintings. Kids will explore basic watercolor painting techniques (such as wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry and dry-on-dry).

Painters in this class will learn more about:

-Painting techniques for mixing, handling a brush, and using colors to blend or layer
-Basic color theory and experiementation with mixing colors
-Making super fun projects they can do again and again Current Schedule:
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