Adventures in Drawing
Ages 9-12

90 Minutes

Sign Up Here Description: This is the perfect class for your budding artist. The class is designed to give children the tools to draw while growing their confidence and skills. Kids in the class explore with many drawing mediums and subjects, including drawing with pencil, pastel, and oil pastel with various subject matters.

This class is a introductory drawing class. It is recommended as a prerequisite for future classes at Majik Studios, including Adventures in Design, Adventures in Painting, and Animal Art.

Drawing Adventurers learn:
  • Confidence to portray what they see
  • Exploration of line, including line control and variation
  • Introduction to value and the ability to make drawings look "3D"
  • Playing with color usage
  • The power of self-expression
  • And more
Current Schedule:
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Other Times Available Upon Request

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